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Training Programs
The various programs that we offer

All programs include Training, Boarding, Food, Sales Tax, Heartworm/Flea/Tick Medication & Prevention

Puppy Development Program

2 Weeks


Companion Program

2 Months


  • This is the beginning, the start of your new retrievers life. This time frame is crucial to your puppy's development. Socialization to all types of environments, people, other dogs, sounds and smells is key to early development. We will start your puppy on simple commands, leash and platform work, bird introduction and crate training. We will also work on undesired behaviors such as barking, biting, jumping, etc. When your puppy has finished his time with us, we are certain your puppy will not only be more prepared for the next step in training, but your puppy will have learned to learn and will more importantly, have learned that learning can be fun!

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Advanced Hunting Program

6-8 Months

$950.00 per Month

  • This program is designed for the pet owner of any breed that is looking for a well-behaved family companion. During your dog's stay, we will teach basic commands such as SIT, DOWN, HERE(come to me), HEEL(walk calmly at my side), KENNEL(crate) and PLACE (go to a specific place and stay there). We will also work with your dog on eliminating undesirable behaviors such as barking, jumping, biting, pulling on the lead/leash. We will work on simple retrieving games, crate training, loading up and riding in a vehicle, as well as introducing your dog to other dogs and teach them how to behave around other dogs and accept them. After the completion of the Companion Program, your dog should be a reliable friend that is ready to go on a walk and understand how to behave in the house. 

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Performance Program

$950.00 per Month

  • This program is designed with the ourdoorsman in mind. We will teach your dog all the skills necessary to be a competent hunting dog. These skills will be carried with them for the rest of their life!

  • Obedience: SIT, HERE (come to me), HEEL (walk calmly at my side, KENNEL (crate) and PLACE (go to a determined place and remain there).

  • Collar Conditioning: Reinforcing all the taught commands from Obedience. We do not use a collar to punish but to teach. Essentially it is teaching the dog what the E-collar is , where the pressure is coming from and how to deal with it.

  • Force Fetch: This is the backbone of retriever training, teaching your dog a good "hold", how to "fetch" (bumpers, birds and dummys)on command as well as releasing on command.

  • Hunting Scenarios: This is where it all comes together. We will teach your dog to retrieve out of dog blinds both above and below ground as well as platforms and stands. We will steady your retriever to shot and will introduce gunfire, decoys and live birds. At the completion of this program your retriever will be eligible to run UKC Started and AKC Junior Hunt Tests.

  • Passing 4 UKC Started hunt tests will earn your dog a title of "Started Hunting Retriever" - SHR

  • Passing 4 AKC Junior hunt tests will earn your dog a title of "Junior Hunter" - JH

  • This program follows the completion of the Gun Dog Program. During this time, we build on everything we have taught prior, as well as teaching the fundamentals of blind retrieves. Your dog will be taught the basics of hand and whistles commands, progressing through modern retriever training methods and drills learning the ins and outs of a blind retrieve. During this time, your retriever will learn to be a teammate! We will also build on the marking taught in the Gun Dog Program and expand teaching multiple marks (watching and remembering multiple bird falls in the field: both on the land and in the water). We will intensify real hunting situations such as multiple dogs in the field hunting together, simulate large rainouts of birds and in general, all the chaos that goes along with a big day in the field. Addtionally, we will teach walk-ups and diversion birds. At the completion of this program, your retriever will have the tools for UKC Seasoned and AKC Senior Hunt Tests. 

  • Passing 4 UKC Seasoned hunt tests will earn a title of "Seasoned Hunting Retriever" - HR

  • Passing 4 AKC Senior hunt tests will earn a title of "Senior Hunter" - SH 

  • The Performance Program is just that -- a program for the most serious competitors. Dogs that have completed all the prior programs and are now training to hone their skills and working to reach the next level of expertise.. The select dogs in this group are running UKC Finished and AKC Master Hunt Tests as well as an occational AKC Field Trial. This group also has the elite ability to participate in the National competitions such as the UKC International Grand Hunt Test and the AKC Master National. This level is where Champions are made and reside!

  • Passing 4 UKC Finished hunt tests will earn a title of "Hunting Retriever Champion" - HRCH

  • Passing 6 AKC Master hunt tests will earn a title of "Master Hunter" - MH

  • Passing 2 UKC international Grand hunt tests will earn a title of "Grand Hunting Retriever Champion" - GRHRCH

  • Passing 3 AKC Master National hunt tests will earn a title of " Master National Hunter" - MNH

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Gun Dog Program

4 Months

$950.00 per Month


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