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Our Facility
We have a fantastic facility!

We live and own our training grounds so we take great pride and care in our land and we are constantly making improvements. All of our kennels are indoors in a climate-controlled building with fans and cameras. 

We have 4 airing yards where the dogs are allowed to romp, exercise and allowed to run freely within a secure chain link fenced area at least three times a day in addition to their training time. We air our dogs in groups according to their sex, age and temperament.

We train mostly Labradors but also usually have Goldens, a Chessie or two and every once in awhile other hunting breeds. 

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Our kennels are roomy, extremely clean, have water available all the time, and also have Kuranda beds. 

We feed Purina Pro Plan. We take the health of our dogs VERY seriously. We provide monthly parasite protection. We use Simparica Trio.

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