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The Team

Who We Are

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Owner/ Lead Trainer

Growing up in central Nebraska, I was raised in the outdoors - a passion passed onto me through generations. I have always enjoyed everything outdoors: a walleye on the line, a rutting whitetail, gobbling turkey or even a walk through the timber looking for Morel mushrooms. All that changed when I found my true love: a love that has never been extinguished but has only burned brighter -- the love one gets by spending time with a dog. Since 2008, retrievers are no longer a hobby but they are my life. I am blessed with two little boys, a spectacular wife and I get to spend every day training, campaigning or hunting with world class retrievers. I can't imagine a life any better!  


Assistant Trainer

Hailing from Wisconsin, I spent a lot of time outdoors growing up. Whether it was fishing with my family or turkey hunting with friends, I enjoyed being outside. That led me to waterfowl hunting and eventually my first dog. After serving 4 years in the US Army, I got into a retriever training group and that changed my path in life. I started training professionally in 2018. I enjoy seeing the growth and the development of dogs and working with them every day.

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Assistant Trainer

I was raised in Wyoming and graduated college with a Bachelors in Fisheries and Wildlife  Science from Southeastern Oklahoma State when I was blessed with an opportunity that changed my life. Zook, my 3 year old black lab male was gifted to me from a retiring amateur trainer which forever changed my enjoyment for waterfowl hunting and being in the presence of "man's best friend."  Shortly following college graduation, I found Apex Retrievers and was given an opportunity to continue learning and enjoying dogs as a full-time career. Zook and I will be chasing a Master Title during the summer of 2022 and I look forward to becoming a better dog trainer and igniting the fire and drive in every dog that we send home.

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Assistant Trainer

I was born and raised in Central Nebraska, loving the great outdoors.  The love of the outdoors and hunting led me to become a waterfowl guide for the past 12 years. Throughout my time as a waterfowl guide, I learned the importance of a properly trained retriever to ensure the success of a hunt, and this started me on my current path to become a dog trainer.  I received Tess, my retriever, 5 years ago and she became my companion on long hunts and my best gundog.  Enjoyment from her retrieves and the smiles on the hunter’s faces when she did an “impossible” retrieve led me to my current position with Apex Retrievers.  I hope to bring that same smile to your face as I help turn your puppy into a loving and faithful companion and/or hunting partner.  

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