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Stud Dogs  

We have trained all these boys and can recommend each highly. 


5xGRHRCH Apex Football Star MNR,QAA  2 Master National Passes

Jack is an 85 lbs machine. He is the ultimate team player and always gives a great effort. He is a special blend of size, power, and willingness to please. He is rock-steady at the line, clean and quiet in the kennel and is a wonderful house dog. He ran and won his first and only Qualifying.

Color - Black, hidden Yellow


6xGRHRCH Contenders Law Dawg MH
1 Master National Pass

Al is a 65 lbs amazing boy. He has 47 Derby Points in addition to all his accomplishments as a Hunt Test dog, He has some of the finest eyes I have ever been around. He is an amazingly talented marker with a top-tier level of desire. Al is super fast, stylish and always loves a good challenge. he LOVES to go big and always gives 100% 

Yellow - hidden Black


HRCH King's Hillside Shadow MNH
1 Grand Pass
3 Master National Passes

Hawk is 70 lbs. He is 1/1 in the Master National. Hawk is a solid marker and a good blind runner. He gives a strong effort in training and loves to hunt. A straight line running dog with a good heart and strong desire. Hawk is a great looking dog with a great personality.

Black - hidden Chocolate


GRHRCH Hillside's Don't Need An Invite MH

Crash is carrying on the legacy of his mother, 4xGRHRCH Avery. Crash is an intellect and he is VERY trainable. A very steady dog, a strong marker and even better blind runner, very much a team player. He can be found laying at the fireplace or in the duck blind on his days off. 



4xGRHRCH Moco's Straight Cash Homey MNR
2 Master National Passes

Cash is a tall, strong and talented dog. He is a very strong marking dog, is a solid team player and is very biddable. He is steady, quiet at the line but wide open in the field. He has a strong nose and never shies from a challenge. Cash will have a strong run at the HRC Hall of Fame as he is 4/4 in the HRC Grand. 

Yellow - hidden Black


GRHRCH Doc Tee's Fco Fire In His Bones MH

Bones is 85 lbs. He is 1/1 in the Master National. He is a powerhouse, one-of-a-kind dog. He has an unbelievable pass rate, is used as a hunting guide dog in the testing off-season and a true pleasure to be around. Bones has a great off switch but is all business in the field. Talent, size, looks and ability all wrapped into one great package.

Yellow - hidden Black


HRCH DuckDawg's Royal Flush MNH
1 Grand Pass
3 Master National Passes

Ace is 70 lbs. He is 1/1 in the Master National. Ace is a 100% effort all the time type of dog. He is an AMAZING hunting dog and loves to train. A great marker and runs straight as an arrow on blinds. He is an absolute head-turner, great double coat and thick tail. 

Black - hidden Yellow


HRCH DuckDawg's Bayou Terror MH

Gator is 75 lbs. He is 1/1 in the Master National. Gator is a solid marker, blind runner and team player. He is always giving his best and loves to hunt, test and train. A true gentleman in the field and a pleasure to be around.

Black - hidden Yellow


3xGRHRCH I Agree To Terms And Conditions MH 

"Click" is 75 lbs. He is 1/1 in the Master National. He is an exceptional combination of speed, brains and drive. He passes these traits onto his puppies. "Click" is an absolute pleasure in the home and fabulous on the trailer and in the kennel. A top-notch test dog, as well as one of the finest hunting dogs I have had. 

Color - Black 
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